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" Hepatitis C -The Facts -The Epidemic - The Corruption - Sweden contaminated blood scandal 2017"
 New documentary from CPAC examines the history of the Tainted Blood Scandal in Canada, link

September 2017: UK High Court action for damages contaminated blood scandal.
 UK High Court - the final nail Sweden coffin!
The New York Times,
The Guardian, link
Independent news, link

                                     EU study shows billions could be saved through whistleblower protection, link
                                                  BAD BLOOD - documentary from ITV Wales on facebook now,

"The hepatitis epidemic - Sweden axis of evil"
I have Honor your Life and Memory Maria Andersson since the day I talk with your mother...
This have to end now!

Meet the NHS whistle-blowers who exposed the truth, link

17 August: Swedish document request government agencies:
Investigation death statistic healthcare worker hepatitis pdf link

Sweden deserve it`s destiny!
Reuter, link 
World bank, link
MSF, link 

" Swedish IT Workers try to stop historic security leak but silenced"

Is land of the cyclops and Sweden government awake now?  link 
July 2017 : U.S whistle-blowers award $61 million .

Breakning news 11 July 2017
England House Of Commons Contaminated blood scandal inquiry announced, link
The Lancet, link 
The New York Times ; link 

The world’s biggest anti-corruption conference in Copenhagen 22-24 October 2018, link

Sweden Book release November 2017 
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me God

1 january 2017 reinforced whistleblower legislation.
1766 Sweden first country in the world of press freedom in Constitution Swedish Freedom of the Press.

My Sami heritage:
Sweden Archbishop wants 'truth commission' for abuse against Samis, link 
20th June 2017. Norway Parliament -Stortinget vote historical Sami truth and reconciliation commission, link
June 2017:Sweden anti- racist document: five national minorities - International information pdf link

Geneva 28 May 2016 Hepatitis strategy - 193 Member States
first ever global targets for viral hepatitis!

  2014 - 2017 Sweden World hepatitis day Award 28 July:  “Donkey of the year”
2016 World hepatitis Day 28 july : A-B-C celebrate 40th anniversary Nobel Prize hepatitis campaign Stockholm

26 october - First seminar Sweden Parliment : Barbro Westerholm, physician, Liberal People's Party.
Kristina Nilsson, RN- Sweden social democratic party.

Check this out: BBC panorama 10 may 2017
The Search for the Truth:  
BIANCA JAGGER, the human rights activist behind demand for justice for victims, link
Andy Burnham demands NHS contaminated blood inquiry, link

1922-2017 indigenous people - Racial Biology of Sweden

Stockholm - Uppsala:  Untold nazi story of Sweden  -  link

19 december 2016 International Alarm  -Embassy letter Sweden Racial Biology Nazi archives pdf link

Whistleblowing-various news:

20 july JP Morgan bank- Two Whistleblower are set to share a record $61 million award, link
24 June TI -world whistlerblower day, link
23 May Doctor sacked amid a toxic working atmosphere wins right to compensation, link
19 may Sweden dropped Assange Rape Inquiry , link 
14 may NHS doctor dream career left in tatters link
7 february: Sweden Hans Rosling dead: World famous statistician, link
18 january : Obama commutes sentence of WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning link 
1 january 2017 Sweden introduces pro-whistleblowers law, link
December Swedish media : Europe whistleblowers legislation, link
2016  december TI -Transparency "Diagnosing corruption in healthcare" pdf link
BBC interview - whistleblower journalist Kelly Duda,
UK whistleblower nurse,
U.S Linda Boly nursing hero, link
WADA Stepanova afraid for his life  
Whistleblower hero Deutsche Bank, link
Macchiarini and Karolinska: Chernobyl of ethics
2013 Transparency International  - Europe report link

Sweden various news:
20 juni 2017 Norge röstar igenom historisk sanningskommsion för samer, länk
1 juni 2017: Hepatit C larm - nationellt nödläge (uppdaterad)  länk
3 juni-granskning statsbidrag HIV och hepatit (uppdaterad) , länk
- Friad eller fälld 
- Gabriel Wikström: rasism att samer i vården, länk
- Kulturministern: Oacceptabelt med rasism mot samer, länk
- 2016 Dagens medicin: debattartikel ( s) och ( L) , länk
- 2017 Dagens Medicin debattartikel ( m ) Jenny Petersson, länk

"Patientsafety violation news"
February 2017: Victim of contaminated blood takes legal challenge High Court, link
Northern Ireland 22 december:Health Minister improve financial support, link

Scotland  Court Case 7 december -Father awarded €110,000 after son’s death, link
US Court Case 9 december - 
hepatitis C outbreake, link
England 24 November -Parliament debate support contaminated blood, link 
UK compensation and reform hepatitis/HIV scandal UK pdf link
BBC Radio-"The reunion" patientsafety bloodborne pathogen, link
 England Podcast:
Documentary by Marilyn Ness Talks bloodscandal link
England Infected blood HIV hepatitis C scandal - open consultation concluded, link
Scottland Contaminated Blood new support scheme, pdf

Annie Walker funeral- Solidarity flowers send from Sweden, link

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