2018 January 1 declare political Indigenous refugee status!
Today I fulfil several regulation,criterium for asylum by Swedish Migration Agency.
Today I understand more than ever why politician are murderd like Joe Cox in England.

What Exactly Is a Liberal or "freedom" ?
Once you lost your freedom and life then you know:
1 of 8.700 indigenous people of Sweden!

Sweden nazi heritage Whatch the film about Herman Lundborg, head of the Swedish State Institute for Race Biology link

Meet the NHS whistle-blowers who exposed the truth, link

17 August: Swedish document request government agencies:
Investigation death statistic healthcare worker hepatitis pdf link

Sweden deserve it`s destiny!
Reuter, link 
World bank, link
MSF, link 

" Swedish IT Workers try to stop historic security leak but silenced"

Is land of the cyclops and Sweden government awake now?  link 
July 2017 : U.S whistle-blowers award $61 million .

I'm glad if still alive when moving out Sweden link

Breakning news 11 July 2017
England House Of Commons Contaminated blood scandal inquiry announced, link
The Lancet, link 
The New York Times ; link 

The world’s biggest anti-corruption conference in Copenhagen 22-24 October 2018, link

Sweden Book release November 2017 
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me God

1 january 2017 reinforced whistleblower legislation.
1766 Sweden first country in the world of press freedom in Constitution Swedish Freedom of the Press.

My Sami heritage:
Sweden Archbishop wants 'truth commission' for abuse against Samis, link 
20th June 2017. Norway Parliament -Stortinget vote historical Sami truth and reconciliation commission, link
June 2017:Sweden anti- racist document: five national minorities - International information pdf link

Geneva 28 May 2016 Hepatitis strategy - 193 Member States
first ever global targets for viral hepatitis!

  2017 Sweden World hepatitis day Award 28 July:  “Donkey of the year”
2016 World hepatitis Day 28 july : A-B-C celebrate 40th anniversary Nobel Prize hepatitis campaign Stockholm

26 october - First seminar Sweden Parliment : Barbro Westerholm, physician, Liberal People's Party.
Kristina Nilsson, RN- Sweden social democratic party.

Check this out: BBC panorama 10 may 2017
The Search for the Truth:  
BIANCA JAGGER, the human rights activist behind demand for justice for victims, link
Andy Burnham demands NHS contaminated blood inquiry, link

1922-2017 indigenous people - Racial Biology of Sweden

Stockholm - Uppsala:  Untold nazi story of Sweden  -  link

19 december 2016 International Alarm  -Embassy letter Sweden Racial Biology Nazi archives pdf link

Whistleblowing-various news:

20 july JP Morgan bank- Two Whistleblower are set to share a record $61 million award, link
24 June TI -world whistlerblower day, link
23 May Doctor sacked amid a toxic working atmosphere wins right to compensation, link
19 may Sweden dropped Assange Rape Inquiry , link 
14 may NHS doctor dream career left in tatters link
7 february: Sweden Hans Rosling dead: World famous statistician, link
18 january : Obama commutes sentence of WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning link 
1 january 2017 Sweden introduces pro-whistleblowers law, link
December Swedish media : Europe whistleblowers legislation, link
2016  december TI -Transparency "Diagnosing corruption in healthcare" pdf link
BBC interview - whistleblower journalist Kelly Duda,
UK whistleblower nurse,
U.S Linda Boly nursing hero, link
WADA Stepanova afraid for his life  
Whistleblower hero Deutsche Bank, link
Macchiarini and Karolinska: Chernobyl of ethics
2013 Transparency International  - Europe report link

Sweden various news:
20 juni 2017 Norge röstar igenom historisk sanningskommsion för samer, länk
1 juni 2017: Hepatit C larm - nationellt nödläge (uppdaterad)  länk
3 juni-granskning statsbidrag HIV och hepatit (uppdaterad) , länk
- Friad eller fälld 
- Gabriel Wikström: rasism att samer i vården, länk
- Kulturministern: Oacceptabelt med rasism mot samer, länk
- 2016 Dagens medicin: debattartikel ( s) och ( L) , länk
- 2017 Dagens Medicin debattartikel ( m ) Jenny Petersson, länk

"Patientsafety violation news"
February 2017: Victim of contaminated blood takes legal challenge High Court, link
Northern Ireland 22 december:Health Minister improve financial support, link

Scotland  Court Case 7 december -Father awarded €110,000 after son’s death, link
US Court Case 9 december - 
hepatitis C outbreake, link
England 24 November -Parliament debate support contaminated blood, link 
UK compensation and reform hepatitis/HIV scandal UK pdf link
BBC Radio-"The reunion" patientsafety bloodborne pathogen, link
 England Podcast:
Documentary by Marilyn Ness Talks bloodscandal link
England Infected blood HIV hepatitis C scandal - open consultation concluded, link
Scottland Contaminated Blood new support scheme, pdf

Annie Walker funeral- Solidarity flowers send from Sweden, link

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