Sweden says: 28 July Stockholm write hepatitis history!

Historic decision Geneva 28 May 2016.
1980s hiv epidemic and today hepatitis edpidemic!

"Democracy is majority decision 193 Member States"
- Especially  "thank you" from Sweden to WHO and World Hepatitis Alliance.
I never said things should be easy,  but in time for 28 Juli Stockholm I pray  "On mediation and conflict resolution" by Kofi Annan

Sweden on right track- elimination of viral hepatitis is our next greatest achievement
- Today I am convinced extenesive efforts next 2-5 years - now only a matter of time,

2015 Glasgow young women speech- Yes I still remember Jazzy De Lisser, celebrity, actor and model- Please take one moment listen to her hepatitis story, link

- What ever been said or done remember I love Sweden and my wonderful hometown Stockholm that given me so much but also tears and pain.
I am so proud, thanks to all you guys who realize dreams 28 July Stockholm!

The USA-Swedish connection: Ofcourse we should lead global fight against hepatitis!
"Like a Swede" - Yes today we all heroes,

Kaj C. Johansson
Former Vice president hepatitis C Association and RN.
2008 USA "Sharp injurie Prevention award"
2008 Europe "excellence in advocacy"
2013 Author first education EU directive 2010/32/EU
Stockholm 28 july 2016  -  Write contemporary history with me

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