Blog: Stockholm hatecrime: Am I going to die now?

Stockholm whistleblower democracy scandal: This is hepatitis I have written my will!

"To know your future you must know your past”
Stockholm want me dead no doubt. This is about hepatitis rights, unresolved healthcare scandal Stockholm, hundreds of dead, unknown number of victims and hundereds of milljons SEK unpaid Stockholm politician debt!

I can not describe serious situation in English but read, translate this article I wrote many years ago: -with support from some good people -

So what is wrong with our democracy and Swedish politician?
Read about Singer, RN Naomi Judd story- Raises Her Voice on Hepatitis C, link
Read about U.S. congressman HankJohnson hepatitis story, link

"Catch 22" situation Stockholm e.g. I have no regular physician contact since april 2015, and once again out of regular medicin- prescription. Ongoing "blackmail situation" by force, slander, harassment some Stockholm physician doing all they can try breake me down on my knees!

Nonexistent whistler protection EU directive 2001/83/EC European Parliament and of the Council 6 November 2001
EU directive 2001/83/EC says alarm to "competent authority". Yes I did alarm oral and written to politicians, unions, media, government,  authority , police report -no one do anything but wait, yes obvious at risk to die by hate crimes and discrimination only one reason:silence my voice!

"As a nurse" -Sweden/Stockholm is the state where the gap between low and high incomes is increasing fastest In OECD countries.
This is also a story about me and life time achivement "Swedish hero" and right wing public health politics only years behind UK. "As a nurse" please read testament from one UK colleagues, link

"Stockholm school of corruption by NAO National Audit Office"
Finally Stockholm is a small town damaged by rumors and  "friendship" corruption. 
By the name of science and Alfred Nobel there is every reason minority liberal party high-ranking politicians should fall and resign from unresolved healthcare scandal, hundreds of dead, unknown number of victims and hundereds of million SEK politician unpaid debt! 

The fake lying liberal "feminist"
Anna Starbrink, regional politician for Liberal party.
Twitter : @AnnaStarbrink

Dag Larsson says he is "passionate about equality and justice"
But Stockholm Social Democratic Party Mr. Dag Larsson, Member of the County Council in Stockholm not yet protected me!
Twitter: @dagolov

Health worker have you sold your heart to the devil?

Wonder how any nurse or physician can work health care organization that caused so much death and human suffering it.s incomprehensible -how do you handle professional ethical codes when working super corrupt Stockholm healthcare organization?

Stockholm hatecrimes, yes watch me die of silent corruption....
Lex Kaj

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