Blog: Stockholm patientsafety 2016

I NEVER EVER FORGIVE what Stockholm done-not only against me!

Stockholm patient safety nightmare. As one of Sweden leading expertise patient safety-work environment prevention blood borne pathogens, I am survivor patientsafety nighmare! 

Stockholm physician elite main responsibility is to protect healthcare laws and Code of Medical Ethics public health and patient safety intrest. Stockholm agenda New Public Management only protect physician elite political and economic interest after eight years liberal right wing minority politics by Anna Starbrink.

Stockholm politician cowards and afraid? Physician reprisals and slander can threaten politicians patient safety same as me?
Stockholm physician elite already COVER UP HEALTHCARE SCANDAL HEPATITIS C and MY PATIENT SAFETY THREATEN SINCE APRIL 2015 I have NO  FAT WALLET PAY PRIVATE HEALTHCARE or private health insurance as many politicians who no longer seem to feel "safe"  their own decision.

Suicide. One of my best friend with several severe diagnoses and years of extensive suffering, that I also try to help get the best care finally jump from Stockholm bride.
From patient confidentiality policy and investigation can not go into any details. 

New Public Management - The world of science laughing at Sweden as warning example ask Chile!

One thing is sure - I am going to hunt Stockholm down in public if this patientsafety case of suicide also another  "cover up story" Stockholm corruption.  I been in total SHOCK serious MALPRACTICE and system failures that cause me friend SUICIDE.

New Public managment threatens patient safety and Stockholm healthcare no car manufacturing industry like volvo, see what happen Swedish car manufacturing SAAB same as Swedish school system total collapse after years of liberal greed politicics and privatization. Stockholm politician and physician also soiled, damged name of Alfred Nobel and world is laughing Swedish science anually 28 July World hepatitis day!
Lex Kaj

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