Blog:The Big Swedish Fraud -patient injuries hepatitis C!

Yes - The biggest healthcare disaster in the SKL history - Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions .

Politician have cheated Swedish people!
1000's Swedes infected lethal infection - hepatitis C almost without any symptoms.
Today global transparency outside Sweden borders open up betrayal and silence health care, colleagues, authorities, politician. You give me nightmares  every night!

I am a prisoner against my will and would pack my bags tomorrow if I could.
In october first hepatitis seminar occur in Swedish Parlaiment. Sweden Professor Hans Rosling Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm has declined participation, and I would not participate as audience if I got paid!

Truth and reconciliation commission - The Right and Honourable Lord Penrose
“ From palace to cabin” . In England most public, media “patient safety case” Anita Roddick founder of the Body Shop and in Sweden  young women Maria Andersson, her mother was a nurse. Maria died 2003 by complications hepatitis C of livercancer/ liver cirrhosis.Dame Anita Roddick the founder of the Body Shop contracted hepatitis C through a blood transfusion while giving birth to her youngest daughter, Sam, in 1971.
Maria Andersson contracted hepatitis C through a blood transfusion as young child. 

Two years have past new Social democratic-green party government. I have good reason to feel no respect this young un experienced male Gabriel Wikstrom, Minister for Health Care, Public Health.  In revealed document 27 july Swedish Parliament one day before World hepatitis day 28 july Mr. Gabriel Wikstrom clarifies he`s “patientsafety priorities” hepatitis C  to Swedish moderate party young women (mp) Jenny Petersson. Sweden minister for Health Care, Public Health “patientsafety priorities" hepatitis C is prevention drug users.
(Swedish Parliament document 2015/16:1453)

“Government must get more balance”.
LIF pharmaceutical industry in Sweden with about  85 members . LIF ethical rules for the pharmaceutical industry  is very strict and protect equal conditions patient associations . Swedish media “Dagens medicin” recently publish information how physician in hepatitis C leading expert groups also received financial compensation from pharma industries. Yes “Government must get more balance” dear Swedish National Audit Office that recently publish report with sharp criticism against government officials and pharmaceutical industry. Please note - Swedish National Audit Office  recently exposed serious corruption scandal and in september third national auditor resign.
Who said Stockholm gone crazy - who can you trust?

Gabriel Wikström should not discriminate!
Hepatitis rights, awareness and prevention do not exclude by healthcare laws  -stop priorities Swedish drug users! Government and parliament  responsibility patient injuries Swedish healthcare and serious damages Nobel no longer my problem. World hepatitis day 28 july try to save some "reputation" 40 anniversary 1976 Nobel prize Stockholm. Today it.s Sweden parlamient responsibility saving citizen lives and Gabriel Wikstrom headache to restore damages caused to science and Alfred Nobel!

Swedish people been cheated bloody Scandinavian Mysteries - this is it!

Reservation translation
No media interviews- Swedish media missed that opportunity!
Lex Kaj

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