2017 Sweden testimonial introduces pro whistleblowers law!

- The Treatment healthcare professional and whistleblower's is shocking .
I have one suicide attempt - Sweden Nursing Union "kicked me out" -been member since 1990!

Reservation translation
ILO-International Labour system collapse-UN human rights crimes-violation healthcare laws!

80% of Swedish people belive it´s their duty to blow the whistle according to Transparency  International -but physician and nursing ethical code comes with special global obligation - always protect public health!

"Like a Swede"  
- You do good you get good? 1766 Sweden first country in the world of press freedom - Sweden Constitution Freedom of the Press. Like a Swede - The Swedish Part Model can be summarised in one word - collaboration. It involves unions and employers' organisations jointly agreeing on the best conditions in the labour market, without the government interfering in every decision.

The big Swedish lie: TCO (The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees) link

The voice of Swedish people and Nobel science  - virtuos and champion of whistleblowing!
United Nations human rights are the rights of indigenous peoples.
The Sami people are an indigenous of Sweden and I have Sami heritage like Borje Salming Swedish retired professional ice hockey defenceman the first Swedish ice hockey player - Hockey Hall of Fame (1996) .

Took some time before I realized my serious situation, yes I been very naive for many years. The alarm clock sound 2015 when "shut down" open healthcare center where I been patient over 20 years. From my Sami heritage it.s also serious hate crimes and discrimination.

2015 slander
by Stockholm chief physician Stefan Jansson is serious accusation that I been threaten safety of healthcare worker my open healthcare center where I been patient for decades -also time my hepatitis C infection so this was final threat - not only leading physician elite wanted me dead been number of serious event over the years.
But this was grotesque open hate crimes , racism that threaten my patientsafety! 
Wonder what Makes healthcare professional that Mean and Cruel and what about menthal health and what is next: murder? Professionals with high levels of psychopathic disorders underdiagnosis not unknown!

Report Sweden Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) condemn my healthcare center serious violation Sweden patientsafety laws. But Sweden Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) give free pass" no investigation no criticism Stockholm chief physician Stefan Jansson.

Sweden Occupational Safety and Health. I am also leading Work Environment expertise so if health worker security at my healthcare center been threaten- ofcourse need investigation so send report Swedish Work Environment Authority ask for investigation.
This was serious work environment hazards and information by employer Stockholm chief physician Stefan Jansson!

Inspection and outcome: 30 march 2016 - 8 april 2016 report by Sweden Work Environment Authority:
a. Occupational Safety and Health. The employer not following Sweden worker safety (AFS) regulation, each carrying a year and a serial number
b. Occupational Safety and Health. The employer threaten patient and workers safety-violation EU directive 2010/32/EU -prevention bloodborne pathogen in hospital and healthcare sector.

Measures should be implemented before 14 May 2016.

2015 report free pass: no investigation no criticism!
Swedish Parliamentary Ombudsmen - JO and Sweden Equality Ombudsman (DO) gave "free pass" despite serious violation patientsafety laws, hate crimes, discrimination!

Sweden media March 2016: "You can also alarm to your union. It is equated to the legal text with an internal alarm" says Sweden Minister for Employment,  Ylva Johansson.

Stockholm a small town where Sweden elite gathered small area so rumors spread quickly. Today everyone knows what.s ongoing and Sweden Gabriel Wikstrom, Minister for Health Care, Public Health not unaware of me or why situation occurred.
Gabriel Wikstrom has 100% political responsibility not only my safety and well being:
I am the voice of Swedish people and Nobel science  - virtuos and champion of whistleblowing!

"Happy New Year Sweden - to my enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. Love"

Sweden hate crimes in the name of science -Stockholm Uppsala.
To know your future you must know your past: 19 December 2016 International Alarm -Embassy letter Sweden Racial Biology Nazi archive!

Swedish professor physician Herman Lundborg was the father of Nazi Racial Biology and celebrated Adolf Hitler. Herman Lundborg  graduated in medicine at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.  Mr. Lundberg and German physician Nazi friends became influential experts in the Nazi era, and Mr. Lundborg Racial Biology was implemented by SS.

The Swedish State Institute for Racial Biology was established in Uppsala in 1922, following a parliamentary decision.1922 physician and professor Herman Lundborg was appointed head of the Swedish state Institute for Racial Biology in Uppsala. It was the world’s first state institute for racial biology following a parliamentary decision.

The city of Stockholm collected my sami ancestors skulls at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska Institutet select Nobel laureates in Physiology or Medicine every year. 
I been fighting for science and US-Jewish Nobel laureate 1976 physician Baruch Blumberg. There was 400 million reason for Bob Dylan not travel to Stockholm 2016!

Hope to leave Stockholm soon as possible - apply protected identity this year!

Some information-links:
Sweden 2017 -  introduces pro-whistleblowers law, link
Sweden media December 2016: Europe whistleblowers legislation, link
Authors:  Marita Ulvskog, Jytte Guteland, Olle Ludvigsson  Group of the Progressive Alliance
of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

UK: Treatment of NHS whistleblower's 'truly shocking', report finds,
UK: Supporters of MoD whistleblower launch crowd-funding appeal, link

Hate crimes Stockholm - Uppsala :
It. all about politics and money!

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